Service Types

Many times the service will be held at the funeral home. The family church or another suitable location may also be chosen for the services. If you are not affiliated with a church but wish to have a religious service, we can arrange for a clergy person. If a non-traditional service is desired, we can suggest alternatives.

Traditional Service

When you select a traditional service, with the counsel of our staff, you will select the casket and service you desire. Caskets are available in a wide variety of styles and prices that should make it relatively easy for you to select an appropriate one.


When you select cremation, there are many options you may wish to consider. It is important to recognize that cremation is only a process, not a replacement for a traditional funeral. We can assist you in choosing a meaningful service and help you plan a unique way to memorialize your loved one’s life.

Arrangements & Obituaries

We will ask for personal information about the deceased in order to fill out the death certificate and prepare the obituary. Since some of the facts may be difficult to obtain, you may want to locate the necessary information and make it available during the arrangement.
Necessary Information:

  • First, middle, and last name
  • Age of deceased on last birthday
  • Deceased address
  • Birth date of deceased
  • Birthplace of deceased
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’ maiden name
  • Occupation of the deceased
  • Marital status
  • Spouse’s name (if wife, maiden name)
  • Decedent’s education (highest grade completed)
  • Social Security number
  • Name of doctor who will sign death certificate

Obituary Information
With your assistance, we will prepare the obituary for publication in the newspapers. This notifies people of the time and place for visitation and the funeral service. We can also send notices to papers in other localities. We will also include the obituary on our website.
In addition to the personal information included in the death certificate we will also ask you for:

  • Dates and places of residence of the deceased
  • Schools attended and degrees earned
  • Date and place of marriage
  • Church membership
  • Military service history
  • Survivors including spouses, parents, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, number of grandchildren, and great grandchildren
  • Names of family members who have preceded the deceased in death
  • Special interests or hobbies
For your convenience, you may submit the information needed for Arrangements and Obituaries online.

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Other Services and Assistance


Together with other family members, you should consider the appointment of pallbearers, to be notified either by us or a member of the family. Sometimes honorary pallbearers are also chosen, not to assist in carrying the casket, but to sit in a place of honor in memory of the deceased.

Floral Spray

Frequently a floral spray from the family is purchased to be placed on the casket.  We can place the order for you, or you may prefer to go to a florist who will assist you with your selection. For a veteran, a flag can be made available to drape the casket instead of flowers. We can obtain this flag without charge from the Veterans Administration.


There are various forms of tributes from which to choose according to what seems most appropriate for the deceased. A suitable tribute might include a eulogy or personal remarks, either by the clergyperson or a close personal friend. Biblical passages, favorite poetry or other appropriate reading may be chosen. The clergy person or we will help you in making these selections.


You may also wish to consider music at the service, both for its beauty and symbolic significance. Again, your clergyperson or we can help you choose something appropriate. We provide a wide variety of musical selections to ensure a personal touch.

Religious Practices and Special Ceremonies

Most importantly, Crippin Funeral Home wishes to assist you and your family, making certain your specific desires are fulfilled. We understand that your religious faith requires adherence to certain practices and local customs, we will make sure to arrange a complete funeral service that will benefit your needs while reflecting dignity and reverence. Once the basic plans for the funeral have been made, visiting hours can be scheduled. We will also assist in receiving and fielding any relatives and friends who call to pay their respects.

If the deceased was a member of a fraternal group or similar organization, associated rituals may be available for the family’s use. This special may be performed prior to the services, or it may be possible to coordinate it with other plans being made for the funeral. We will make the contacts for these arrangements.

Prepaid or Pre-arranged Services:

If you would like information on prepaying or prearranging a funeral, come in and talk to our licensed personnel or we will come to your home to assist you with a plan suited to your personal needs.